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At Piece of the Process we don’t believe in a set or single definition of success. We search for ambitious entrepreneurs who do things their own way. We back ideas that are unique and unexpected. But more than anything, we are convinced by conviction.

#1 We invest in innovative entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish powerful brands and leave a lasting mark.

#2 We value every investment equally. We know what type of companies and founders we want to back, taking immediate action to form real relationships when they cross our path.

#3 We set mutual targets and always maintain a clear direction. We take pride in our founders when they construct consumer and user experiences that have a positive, lasting impact.

#4 We’re here because business, in conjunction with brilliance, excites us. We seek driven entrepreneurs who want to make their business bloom and help them to become global players.

#5 As our name underscores, Piece of the Process stands for guiding every single step of the way. Your way. Each of our investments is specifically tailored to your needs, your process and—ultimately—your success.

Art Zuyderwijk, Founder of Piece of the Process