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At Piece of the Process we allow great ideas to come to life, grow and thrive. We invest in startups, and acquire early- and seed-stage companies. In the endless puzzle called business we gladly provide any missing piece: fulfilling an advisory function for businesses and funds, as well as guiding effective strategies and their execution.

Private equity and venture capital can be a dull domain—that’s what we’re not. We have a heart for making businesses bloom. We stand for spreading innovative, cool and capable ideas. And whether we invest in a certain project or not, we support startups and disrupt the system.

We are grateful to collaborate with bright, hard-working minds. We look at purpose beyond profit. Having a purpose is not about forgetting profits; it’s about changing how you think about the positive outcomes that occur when you make profits. We take pride in our founders when they build consumer and user experiences that bring happiness and have a positive impact.

Art Zuyderwijk, Founder of Piece of the Process