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Light believes in making beautiful technology tool that respects and empowers people. Most products we use everyday are fighting for more of our time and attention. Could being more connected possibly make us happier? Our first product, Light Phone, is a phone away form phone. A second phone that designed to encourage you to disconnect and live in the moment. - The Light Phone is designed to be used as little as possible. - It's interesting to see how this simple device can help balance our need to be connected vs. our desire to be distracted.
Founded in 2017, Total Mayhem Games is a Dutch indie game studio located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio has successfully developed and published multiple PC games that include the popular coop puzzle game 'We Were Here'. Later this year the series will be released on console. Total Mayhem invest its development in new space of gaming experiences.
Showtag is designed to enhance the audience viewing experience, designed to allow audiences to pause video content and discover an actor’s profile, the brand of clothing or product feature as well as identify a specific song. Showtag allows any brand to simply use existing visuals graphics, videos, systems and processes without the need to create new materials or integrate complex systems. At the same time get full live details out of the programs being watched including and exact frame-by-frame that can tell you what the viewers are doing in the program